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Photos of  Market Crossing Shopping Centre Burnaby

Market Crossing Shopping Centre, Burnaby

One of Metro Vancouver’s largest outdoor shopping destinations is located at Marine Way at Market Crossing. It has over 50 Big Box Retail Outlets, Fashion Outlets, Restaurants and Food outlets. In addition there are a variety of medical, dental and other services located on this huge 58,000 square foot site. The complex is located both North and South of Marine way at Market Crossing. There is parking in abundance on both sides of Marine way.

The Marine Way Market complex is known under a variety of names including Big Bend Crossing, Byrne Road Market and the one it is most commonly referred to is Market Crossing. Originally the north side was known as Big Bend Market and the south side was known as Market Crossing, the entire complex was then referred to as the Marine Way Market and the public commonly refers to the complex as “Market Crossing”.

It is suggested that you park either the north side or south side and shop then take your car to the opposite side to continue shopping. There are a variety of restaurants and coffee shops to comfort the weary shopper.

We have divided the shopping complex into both north and south sections and in addition put all shops, restaurants and services onto one page for your convenience. North side shops, services and restaurants have a Marine Way address and the south side shops and services have a Market Crossing address.

Market Crossing has something for everyone.


Marine Way Market

5761 - 5771 Marine Way

Burnaby BC V5J 0A6

Market Crossing Shopping Plaza

7200 - 7565 Market Crossing

Burnaby BC V5J 0A2

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