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Burnaby School Board

5325 Kincaid Street

Burnaby BC V5G 1W2



Burnaby Schools - School District 41

Burnaby’s School District 41 is one of the best school districts in the province. There are 41 Elementary schools in Burnaby and 8 Secondary schools. There are 8 Elementary schools that teach French Immersion and 3 Secondary schools with French Immersion. In addition there is one Elementary and one Secondary school that that are also BC Provincial Schools for the Deaf. Burnaby has designated 7 schools that are Community Schools.

The school district offers a wide variety of programs to support the needs of all learners. These include French Immersion, Mandarin language arts, challenge programs, sports academies and online learning. The District’s Visual and Performing Arts program is the most comprehensive in BC. The rates to completion and transfer to post secondary are well above the provincial average. Annually more than six million is awarded in scholarships.

With one of the largest district run Community and Continuing Education programs in BC, more than 800 offerings for adult learners can lead to high school completion, English language skills or a new career.

To find out the Burnaby Schools Cachement area you are located in type in either your address or postal code at this website to see what schools your children will be attending. To view the complete cachement areas for individual schools please check the school’s website. A complete list of all schools addresses, phone numbers and websites can be found on the accompanying pages.

Burnaby School Catchment Areas

Burnaby School Catchment Areas

Burnaby School Rankings

Burnaby Schools ranking are available each year from the Fraser Institute. Current schools rankings for are available here:

Burnaby Elementary School Rankings

Burnaby Secondary School Rankings

Burnaby Private Elementary and Secondary Schools

In addition to Public Schooling offered by the Burnaby School Board, Burnaby has seven Private Elementary Schools and two Private Secondary Schools

Burnaby Universities and Technical Institutes

Burnaby hosts two well known institutes of higher education; Simon Fraser University and the British Columbia Institute of Technology.