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Photos of  Burnaby Parks

Burnaby Parks

With more than 130 parks, Burnaby ranks among Canada's greenest cities. In fact, 25 percent of Burnaby is designated as green space including two freshwater lakes, a riverside walk and a saltwater beach. So for those looking to relax in green surroundings, Burnaby is ideal.

Our parks are an important part of Burnaby’s superb quality of life, and their natural beauty and tranquillity are a treasured aspect of this community. A world of adventure and healthy living awaits you in this city’s many beautiful parklands, whether you choose to cycle a mountain, jog an ocean shoreline, rollerblade along urban pathways, or take a walk along one of the trails. Take the family for a picnic or find a quiet natural retreat where you can read and relax. The city’s excellent recreational facilities encourage sports enthusiasts of all ages to try their hand at everything from golf to horseshoes. Burnaby’s parks can accommodate it all. However you choose to spend your leisure time, be sure to enjoy Burnaby parks and trails to their fullest potential.

Some of Burnaby’s most popular parks include Barnet Marine Park,

Burnaby Lake Regional Park, Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area,

Central Park, Confederation Park, Deer Lake Park, Fraser Foreshore Park and Robert Burnaby Park.

People are attracted to Burnaby’s natural environment because it offers rest and respite from city life. It is also important to remember that the natural environment is home to a wide array of wildlife and plants that rely on natural areas for nutrients, protection and shelter.

Please respect the homes of the wildlife and plants around you while visiting Burnaby’s natural areas by staying on the trails, remembering to leave only footsteps and take only pictures.

Whether you have a passion for hiking in wooded forests, paddling in local waters, hiking, biking through urban parks or exploring a sandy beach, you'll enjoy all that Burnaby parks have to offer.